Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alec Interview

In Edward’s mind we see a large amount of pressure placed on his shoulders from his father and the rest of his family. Is a lot of that exaggerated or is it legit?

It’s about 80/20 legit. I’m not saying the pressure they put on him is exaggerated. It’s entirely true that they expect way too fucking much out of him. I’m just saying his family isn’t entirely to blame for it. Somewhere along the line, Edward just took it upon himself to help them without needing to be asked, because let’s face it, they would have asked sooner or later. I think in his head, he thought it might take some of the stress out of having to help them if he chose to do it himself, but it didn’t work that way. It just stressed him the fuck out even more when he could have just said no to begin with.

You’re one of the few people that stayed on scene after Edward was taken away. What was it like for the rest of you having to stay behind and finish the job while Edward was fighting to stay alive?

Damn...that was probably one of the hardest things our crew has ever been through. There wasn’t a single one of us on scene that didn’t want to be in our trucks, following right behind the Chief and our brothers. Working so closely with each other, and practically living together, it has a way of turning us into family. Even those of us who aren’t even friends outside of the station. While you’re on the job, you’re family, and when one of you gets hurt that badly, it’s fucking devastating.

From the minute the rig pulled away and we overheard the medic calling out a code on Edward, everything just became surreal. We did what we had to do; aimed hoses, climbed ladders, ripped open ventilation holes, but nothing was fucking real. We were just moving in this haze of disbelief. It really hit home at daybreak when the building had been reduced to nothing but a smoking pile of wood and bricks, and in the middle of the chaos of hose lines and debris, was Edward’s helmet. Seeing that shit, it hit us that after so many hours, that might have been the only thing left of him. For all we knew, he could have died in the rig on the way to the hospital. I don’t think we’ve ever cleared a scene as fast as we did that morning.

So far in the story you and Edward come off as being a lot alike personality wise. You both come across as this pair of All-American, down-to-earth, good guys. What differentiates you from one another?

I don’t think anyone’s ever pointed out how much we seem to be similar before. That’s actually pretty funny because Edward and I aren’t really all that alike. For one, Edward’s an obvious family man. The majority of the choices he makes in his life, have his family’s best interests at heart. Me? I make choices based on what’s best for me, not my mother, or sister, or even Edward who’s like a brother to me. I’m sure that’d be a bit different if I had a kid or something to think of, but until that happens, I’m most concerned about number one.

Another way we’re entirely different, is how we view our jobs. I love what I do, but it isn’t my entire life the way it is for Edward. He lives it, breathes it, day in and day out. If you toured his house, you’d find a scanner in the den, garage, kitchen, and his bedroom. There’s also a portable one in his truck, and at least one, or sometimes two, of them are constantly on. I don’t even own a scanner...well that’s not true. He gave me one of his old ones years ago and I keep it in my car. It never leaves the car, because once I leave the station...I’m done working. I leave it all behind me. He doesn’t.

Probably the biggest way we’re different, though, is that Edward takes a lot of shit from his family. I don’t take shit from anyone. Not my sister, or friends, or guys at the station. Not even from Edward, himself. I may be a nice guy, but I’ve got defined limits. Edward’s limits and boundaries can be stretched and tested in ways that mine can’t. I admire him for that, but I wouldn’t want to be him because of what it does to him when he’s finally pushed over the edge.

Throughout this story you’ve been very supportive of Bella’s involvement in Edward’s recovery. Some of the readers are curious if your attracted to her. Do you think you would ever consider asking her out on a date? Way to pull one out of left field there. Ahh...don’t get me wrong, Bella’s a very attractive woman and she’s incredibly sweet, but that’s not where my head is at right now. I’m still technically married, and dating is about the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. As to would I ever consider it? I really can’t say. For now, I consider her a good friend.

Nice dodge there, Alec. Nice dodge.

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